About Me

My name is Dirk Johnson. I am a photographer and a paraplegic man living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I discovered my passion for photography in 2013, after a friend gave me a starter level Nikon camera. I needed something to help motivate me and to find purpose for getting out of bed in the morning. Photography was that “something”.  My passion has become capturing images that illustrate the beauty and complexity of the world we live.  My work centers around two very different, yet similar subjects: street photography, and wild horses. I love sharing my work with others, in any capacity that I can. You can find a sampling of my work in the Gallery. Enjoy!

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What People Say

“My heart has a great place in Dirk’s photos. It’s an amazing place to visit and build memories.”

Laura Ann Bauer 

“Amazing photos from a unique perspective.”

Heather Austad Cannon

“He is an inspiration to all photographers in my opinion.” ❤️

Bobbie A Grover 

KSL News Story 2019

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